Me and my team won a pitch with the idea of the CAVEMAN ON THE CLOUDS, an animated commercial for the Swedish company Lagerkoll.

I worked as Art Director, illustrator and animator in cooperation with an amazing team of other

Hyper Island students.



Laura Di Francesco - Art Direction, Character Design, Illustrations and Animation;

Katrín Hauksdóttir - Direction, Script, Storyboard and Sound Design;

Victor Müller - Script and Animation;
Claudia Glod - Producer and Illustrator;

Martina Karlsson - Illustrator and Animator; 
Samuel Skoog - Sound Design and Animation;

Emmy Ellemo - Voice Over.

Commissioned by Lagerkoll

Here a reference from our client:

""Laura did an awesome job as part of the team pitching and producing an animated movie for our Warehouse Management System Lagerkoll. The work Laura did from pitch through to production were spot on, where she and the team managed to capture the core of what Lagerkoll is about, also in terms of an amazing color palette, forms and design language. Laura also dared to challenge us with work that expanded on top of our core concept and design language, raising it altogether to a higher level. On top of this, Laura and the team did all this work by distance; interpreting and understanding needs without meeting in person is hard - which made the results even more impressive."

Some of my styleframes for the CAVEMAN commercial.

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