Hello Sofia!

I have been working on the samples and I must confess that I enjoyed it a lot!


#1 - The Animated ad for Instagram:


BIG DOT SOCK by Happy Socks


During the brainstorming phase I chose the idea of taking inspiration from

the 80’s. Your big dotted pattern on the dark background reminded me of PAC-MAN, 

so I turned the world of Happy Socks into a pixelate videogame

where the big dot sock becomes a playful hero, eating pastel-colored dots 

and revealing the brand after its passage.


I have created this animation with Adobe Illustrator first, doing the vector graphics

of dots and background and then with After Effects, importing selected png images from your


Fonts: Game Over; Pac Man; Happy Socks logo.

#2 - Compelling banners for Black Friday


I have worked on these banners using After Effects.

The 728x90 and the 300x250 are tweens, they are clean and colorful at the same time.

I thought that the slogan “wear COLOURS on Black Friday” represents exactly the soul of

Happy Socks, to give joy into a monochromatic day life.

For the 160x600 I preferred to create a classier, fashionable style.

I really liked the HYSTERIA footage and I loved to match it with

a slow fade-in 20% discount animated text and a funny rotating "BLACK FRIDAY” text

in capital letters, giving contrast to the pastel shades.