#27  Kindergallery - Fine Art for Children

I'm proud to be one of the feautured artists in the poetical world of Kindergallery, fine art for children sourced from all around the world. Some of my Wildlife Drawings and Art Prints will be on sale from november 2013. From Paris to Tokyo, Stockholm, Berlin to the Blue Mountains of Australia, Kindergallery boasts a truly unique and diverse collection of artworks to delight both children and the young at heart. 





#26  Lindex - Textil Design

I'm currently working for the Swedish fashion label "Lindex", creating allover patterns for the children department. So amazing!!!



#24  Charlies Bästa Änglar AB - "Hur Gör Djur?"

This is my latest illustration for the swedish company Charlies Bästa Änglar AB. The man that I reproduced is Owe Sandström, the biologist that designed ABBA's costumes for "Waterloo". 

#25  Appamini - Interactive Design

Me and Appamini (Stockholm) are building up an interactive app for children... I'll will provide soon more news about it!  



#23  Bologna Book fair 2013 - The year of Sweden!

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is the biggest international event in the field of children’s and young adult literature. As guest of honour, Sweden will present a major exhibition on contemporary Swedish illustration. The Swedish component of the programme will also include seminars and activities featuring Swedish authors and illustrators, both at the fair and at other venues in the city of Bologna.

I'm proud to be a part of this celebration together with the Illustratörcentrum of Sweden.

#22  2013 starts with a new Exhibition!

Time:       ​From the 10th to the 24th of january

Address: Kocksgatan 23, Stockholm Sweden

Place:      Talent Gallery 

You're welcome to Stockholm's Talent Gallery for my new exhibition of digital prints and wildlife drawings.

Talent Gallery is an artistic and commercial space in central Stockholm that provides exhibition and retail opportunities for graphic designers and illustrators from all over the world. Talent Gallery is the perfect place for emerging designers to get more attention from potential employers, to build and entertain their professional network and to enjoy the positive outcome of being part of an internationally recognized design community.

Part from Talent Gallery’s exhibition- and retail services, we are also proud to sell tons of rare prints produced by excellent international print designers at our gallery space in Södermalm.
We hope to bring more attention to graphic design and illustration in general, both as means of visual communication, but also as an important emerging part of the gallery scene in Stockholm and elsewhere in the world.
Welcome to Kocksgatan!

#21  When Illustration meets Photography.

Giacomino e il Fagiolo Magico is a gang of talented photographers from Italy that found me on the net. It has been creativity at first sight!

We'll start an innovative project featuring a mix of both visual art and photography. The goal is to create hand customized portraits for kids, not only for fashion companies but also for privates who wish to "eternalize" their little ones' childhood into a magical illustrated world.

#20  My latest book project "Juliette and the WILD cat" 


#19  Web Design for Apples &Pears, New Zeland 

Creating decorative and background customized illustrations and graphics for a children clothes website called "Apples & Pears" settled in New Zeland.


#18  My Notebook 

A hand painted Journal for your sketches, thoughts, quotes and more...
An exclusive Moleskine* illustrated with an original artwork (pastel, acrylic, ink, pen)
where children could learn to write their first words...
And you could keep it as a lovely memory!

*Each notebook comes with acid free plain paper and includes the Moleskine history.

Fill it with your neverending creativity!

Take a look at my Pescerosso shop here

#17  My Book - Bookmarks

A hand painted bookmark packed into a transparent handcrafted packaging.
(white matte paper - watercolors - pen - neutral and black cotton lace - transparent bio film wrapping certified, made of high-quality renewable raw materials, compostable!)

Dedicated to all children who are just start reading... because only when you read you're able to be everybody, everywhere....

Size: 10 x 15 cm ca.

Packaging size: 115 x 190 mm

Take a look at my Pescerosso shop here

#16  Milton Sirotta

An Illustration taken from the upcoming book about the story of Google and Milton Sirotta. Publisher: Sinnos Editrice, Rome.

#15  UNI Barn eco kids shop in Stockholm

"Uni" is an exclusive, funny and ECO shop for kids stuff situated in Stockholm city centre (Vasastan).

Here you can find really marvellous things for children and naturally.... my collection of art prints "Wildlife"!

Come and visit it!

#13  Exhibition @ Plezuro Boutique, Stockholm

I have chosen some of my best illustrations for this romantic boutique settled in Birkastan (Stockholm city centre). This summer exhibition will finish on the 29th of august so don't hesitate to come and take a look around! 

#12  My new blog! 

It's called "Some clouds in my eyes" the new place where I will tell a little about myself using everyday pictures and feelings. 

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