Through an online gamified app, Absorb wants to simplify and engage people in the act of 
climate compensating.

The user will create their own virtual forest.

For every virtual tree purchased by the user,

Absorb will plant a real tree in a sustainable European forest, continuously allowing the user to keep track of their CO2 absorption.

Through answering questions about their lifestyle the user receives a recommendation of an amount of trees 
to be planted monthly.

The user can choose between a monthly subscription of the recommended amount or buy trees of any amount.


By providing users with a transparent 
and accessible app we can subsequently offer climate compensation in a fun and 
responsive fashion.

Absorb_isometric ios mockup.png


  • Product Designer

  • Art Director

  • Motion Designer


Aug 2019 - Jan 2020.


what I did.

Web, iOS mainly.

Main responsibility of the App design, responsible for the visual interactions and brand identity.

Absorb Mockup.png
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