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It's a company of Digital Transformakers,

which delivers innovative technology consulting

for business.

I took care of their new Brand Identity under Jayway's wing.

In this context, and to ensure their sustainable performance, it was essential that their business vision reflected the company charter: 

Respect, Frankness, Passion.

Asset 1.png

- Graphic elements.

- Icons.

- New Google Slides.

- Mug Design.

- Animations.

- Colour Palette.

- Company's Flag.

- Window Stickers.

- Culture Mindset Film 2019.

Asset 43.png
First quarter feedback.png
OneBoarded challenge.png
blossom engagement.png
half circles red and yellow.png

Culture Mindset.

Animation, 2019.

An animated storytelling 

about Devoteams' Culture Mindsets.

Graphic Design, Illustration, Storyboard & Motion Design: Laura Di Francesco & Patrik Juteståhl.

Powered by Jayway.

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