It's a company of Digital Transformakers, which delivers innovative technology consulting for business.

I took care of their new Brand Identity under Jayway's wing.

In this context, and to ensure their sustainable performance, it was essential that their business vision reflected the company charter: 

Respect, Frankness, Passion.

Hallmark red.png

- Graphic elements.

- Icons.

- New Google Slides.

- Mug Design.

- Animations.

- Colour Palette.

- Company's Flag.

- Window Stickers.

- Culture Mindset Film 2019.

half circles red and yellow.png

Culture Mindset.

Animation, 2019.

An animated storytelling 

about Devoteams' Culture Mindsets.

Graphic Design, Illustration, Storyboard & Motion Design: Laura Di Francesco & Patrik Juteståhl.

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